Not using NT authentication but Requiring Network Userid 
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 Not using NT authentication but Requiring Network Userid

I know little about network security.  I am using Crystal Reports Web Server
(CRWS) to place Crystal Reports on our intranet dynamically.  In setting up
the CRWS, I am required to create virtual directories on the server (which I
did).  However, when trying to set security for the directories, I cannot
get it to work for the authorized ids. This is most likely because of the
virtual directory.

Therefore I would like to use an application database on another server,
where there are boolean fields determining management levels for validation
and subsequent redirection to the appropriate management reports page.

My question is this:   Is it possible to get the Network userid from the
system so I do not require managers, VP's and Directors to type in their
userid again?  This is because managers are very fussy and don't want to
type their userid/password but once!

I would then validate the network id from the application database to
determine if they are managers and at what level, then send the user to the
appropriate page depending upon their management level.


Tue, 26 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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