Problems with OWC.Chart and SetData 
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 Problems with OWC.Chart and SetData

series.SetData(owcConstants.chDimCategories, owcConstants.chDataLiteral, aDates);
owcConstants.chDataLiteral, aHighs);
owcConstants.chDataLiteral, aLows);
owcConstants.chDataLiteral, aCloses);

I use the code above and it will not recognize the aDates, aHighs, aLows, and
aCloses values as arrays since I am using JScript... is there any other way to
get the data into the chart... i've looked at the MSDN examples on using SetData
but they are in VBScript ... please advise...

Thank you in advance,

Sat, 11 Oct 2003 01:03:39 GMT  
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