passing data from asp page to ASP.NET 
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 passing data from asp page to ASP.NET

> <script>
> function CommonSubmit(irptID,isessionXML)
> {
>   document.all["rptID"].value = irptID;
>   document.all["sessionXML"].value) = isessionXML;
>   Form1.submit();
> }
> .........
> <form id="Form1" action="WFCrytalrpt.aspx" method="post"
> runat="server">
>  <input id="rptID" type="hidden" name="rptID">
>  <INPUT id="sessionXML" type="hidden" name="sessionXML">
> </form>
> ...
> And Then in WFCrystalrpt.aspx.cs file, I try to request
> this data, but I only get rptID data. I am not able to get
> the xml. I don't know how to pass data from jscript to
> aspx.cs file.


Try adding the runat=server attribute to your input fields. Or you can try:




This must be the disclaimer I waited years to read:

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