Redirect to the main Web Server when I lost connection with my local web server 
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 Redirect to the main Web Server when I lost connection with my local web server

Hi!  How's everybody???  Well, this is the feature that I
want to implement. I have a Web Application(mostly .asp pages), installed in
several Web Servers.  I want to
redirect the user to the main web server when there is an
error trying to reach my local web server.  How do i do
that??  How can I know if there is an error of connection
with the server that I am trying to reach, what variable
tell me that I lost connection??  Should I implement an
error handler????  Or there is an event that fires when
the connection is lost, and I can implement the
redirection in the event handler??

Thank you very much in advance!!!

Marlene Arauz

Sat, 18 Sep 2004 20:34:37 GMT  
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