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 Netscape 4 & dynamic html

Hi.  Just got my web site,, upgraded.  Added neat things
like a real-time clock, scrolling logos, etc.  Right away Netscape 4 people
were complaining about script errors.  So I downloaded and installed NS407.
Fixed the major errors, like missing <layer> tags and such.  Still got a
couple of NS4 headaches.

It would be nice if my <layer> tags could conformed within my <td> tags.  In
frame.htm, for example, I had to <layer left="020" top="010"> to get the NS4
clock to look like it's inside the table.  Same problem with home.htm and
the scrolling logos.  I tried <ilayer visibility="show">, but nothing shows.

My second problem is the frame.htm outline.  Built for IE, you press [+] to
expand the outline, via document.onclick=doOutline.   In NS4, I noticed
onclick doesn't work right.  In fact, it only works when you click below the
entire outline.  No point converting doOutline() to NS4 if I can't even
click to it.

If anyone has cross-platform experience and could look at my, I'd greatly appreciate any advice...Dennis

Fri, 19 Sep 2003 23:43:16 GMT  
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