ScritpX 5.5 HTML Printing beta testers needed 
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 ScritpX 5.5 HTML Printing beta testers needed

Hello All,

Those who may be interested in robust HTML printing (both server and client side),
please participate:


New features:

* New Internet Explorer 5.5 Print Templates facility is supported.
* Reliability and scalability. The PrintHTML(url) method can now queue any number
of documents. With the present release, only a single document is active for
downloading and printing at any one time.
* Precise tracking of spooler activity. If the IE window is closed or navigated
away from whilst a print-out is still being spooled, the user will be prompted.
The prompt can be customized or disabled (onbeforeunload).
* Print settings changes (printer, paper size, paper source, paper orientation,
page selection, copies, collation, duplex mode) made from script are now active
for IE's native menu/toolbar/hotkey "Print" and "Page Setup" commands and for the
IE 5+ window.print() script method. Now an author doesn't need to put a [Print]
button on an HTML page.
 * Changes made to print settings affect only the current page and are restored
upon navigation, or when the window is closed.
* PrintHTML works in the HTTP security context of the calling page (SSL is ok!)
* Redirect of print-out raw data to specified file name (printToFileName)

Andrew Nosenko,
Senior Software Engineer
Mead & Co Limited

MeadCo HTML printing article and samples on MSDN:
Advanced HTML printing:

Sat, 15 Feb 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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