how can I use activex control access client file in an aspx file? 
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 how can I use activex control access client file in an aspx file?

> Hi:
>   In bate 2  I can use Formula One 6.0 (classID is
> B0475003-7740-11D1-BDC3-0020AF9F8E6E) to  open client excel files ,but in
> VS.Net final version It doesn't work.
> my javascript:
>   <script id=clientEventHandlersJS language=javascript>
>     function btnOpenFile_onclick() {
>        testF1Book.fb.OpenFileDlgEx('openFile',0);
>     }
>   </script>


That code by itself should never have worked. You must be calling it from
the onclick event of the button or something... can you provide more info?

Also .NET should not affect this if it is running client-side.



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Wed, 25 Aug 2004 02:17:55 GMT  
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