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 Countdown Timer


I apologize for asking for code here, but I am not a JavaScript writer and
I've completely worn myself down trying to figure this out.  I am doing this
as a favor to a friend and thought it would be easy.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated!

Here is what I have:  A form with 3 fields.  1 is an empty textbox.  The
other two are hidden.  These are called "avail" and "deductpermin".  "Avail"
is a number (1 to whatever) and "deductpermin" is a number (1 or 1.5).

1) The application only lets the person be in the window they are in until
the "avail" amount of time is > 0.

2) If the "deductpermin" is "1" then, every minute, we subtract "1" from the
"avail" field and display the new number in the blank form field.  If it's
1.5, then we deduct 1.5 from the "avail" field every minute.

3) If time runs out, send the customer to a new page.

4) Evey 15 seconds, submit the form, where I have code to update the



Tue, 07 Sep 2004 06:46:32 GMT  
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