Dragging contents of a multiple selection list.....? 
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 Dragging contents of a multiple selection list.....?

Actually I have a drag and drop library that does just that.  You
instantiate the whole thing through ASP and when certain predetermined
events happen (like dragging a particular element onto another specific
element or elements), the client-side code sends a "message" to the server
(via the querystring), which fires a callback function in the ASP code
(which can then do lots of wonderful things that the client-side code is
oblivious to.)  Works great.  And the abstraction runs from the server to
the client and back again, so the developer has no worries about anything
except reacting to callbacks in their ASP code.  This type of integration
between client and server side script is the way to go (rather than dumping
a bunch of client-side objects that require the simultaneous downloading of
every piece of data that could ever affect their behavior.)  From what I
understand, dot net's framework is similar.

| > I am implementing drag'n'drop functionality.
| Please see a client-side group.  ASP runs on the server, and can't respond
| to mouse events from the client.
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