Cross Domain Scripting on an Intranet 
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 Cross Domain Scripting on an Intranet

Hi All,

I think the answer is probably going to be no from wht I've read, and
searched for, but I thought I'd give it one last go before I give up
and work out a different approch.

I'm working in an NT Intranet enviroment.  However there are many
distinct domains.  I have an ASP script runing in one domain that looks
up authentication details of the person viewing the page, gets
eveything like name & location details etc and writes it out to a form
in hidden fields.  The reasioning being that I could keep this in a
hidden frame to get the details when I needed them without having the
hassle of regestering objects on different servers.  The trouble is I'm
working accross several domains and obviously the Jscript Security
won't allow me access.  I've tried setting document.domain on the asp
file to reflect the one I'm working on, then set it the same on that,
but as it's a separate domain, not a sub domain, it won't work.  I've
also tried moving the form elements into user defined variables on the
asp page but no luck there either.

Any ideas, or will I have to think of something else?


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Fri, 02 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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