Delaying in Playing WAV Files with Windows Media Player 9 
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 Delaying in Playing WAV Files with Windows Media Player 9

I am using DHTML with IE 6.0 and WMP 9.0 to run a series
of .wav files, with changes on the screen as one .wav file
ends and the next .wav file starts.  Independent of .wav
byte size, the second or third .wav file in the sequence
does not begin to play until after a delay of 3-5 seconds.
Internet Explorer is not functional during the delay, as
if it were struggling to load the file.  Because the delay
is independent of file size or identity, it acts like a
delay within the internal processes of Windows Media
Player 9.  I have tried variations on the Player settings,
parameters, controls, but can't find anything that affects
the problem.  Any ideas on how to remove this problem?

Thanks -- Bob Hadsell

Tue, 23 Aug 2005 06:02:26 GMT  
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