Cross - Browser input field problems 
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 Cross - Browser input field problems

I have created the following script as a generic routine to handle mandatory
fields on an input form. All mandatory fields are suffixed with the
following three letters "_MF". For example, Name_MF, Age_MF, etc. Each form
calls the following method to check whether or not the user has filled in
these fields.

function checkForBlanks()

 var nElements
 var strObjectName
 var strObjectVal
 var nMissingFields

file://store the number of elements on form to variable nElements
 nElements = document.forms[0].length;
 // loop through each element in the form
 for (x=0; x<nElements; x++)
  // store relevant values into variables
  strObjectName = document.forms[0].elements[x].name

  // test for blank mandatory field.
") && ((strObjectVal=="") || (strObjectVal==null)))
    alert("Some of the mandatory input boxes (Denoted by an asterisk) are
blank. Please complete them before continuing.");
    return (false);
  return (true);


The script works wonderfully well in IE4 but I am experiencing problems ins
Opera and Netscape Navigator.

Does anybody know why Opera returns "null" for every element in the form,
whilst Netscape sees all the values except for those in a select drop down
list and Internet Explorer has no problem what-so-ever?

Thanks Mark



Fri, 29 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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