cookie refresh issue 
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 cookie refresh issue

I am using a Javascript function to create the cookie before I have the page
call itself
with variables.  I then want the page to either be able to use the
querystring variable or if its not available to replace it with the cookie
set before the page call.  The ASP request to the cookie created by
javascript doesnt seem to be working...

psuedo code:

-user clicks link which calls javascript funtion
-function creates cookie, then changes the parent.location to same page with
variables in query string
-page reloads with variables set
-VBScript if then else statement to determine if querystring variable
available, if not use cookie

Everything seems to be working fine except when I pull out the querystring
variable in question the page variable uses the old cookie value.  When I
click the refresh on the browser the cookie reflects the correct (newer)
value.  How can I have this value refreshed behind the scenes?


Sat, 09 Oct 2004 03:47:28 GMT  
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