Opening an EXCEL workbook from an HTM document 
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 Opening an EXCEL workbook from an HTM document

In a .HTM page I have a table, in the first column are the names of EXCEL
workbooks. If I put a simple link on these names : "href=C:\Program
%20Files\...The %20Workbook.xls" this workbook is presented by IE6. Some
tools are not present, no more macros... So I need to find the proper syntax
to open EXCEL2000 and make EXCEL open the workbook. Right now if I try to
add the workbook fullpath to the link, at best I open EXCEL, and other
syntaxes give an "Unable to download the page".
If  I must use a JScript, will it be possible to pass the workbook fullpath
to the script as an argument, so that I shall not write a full script for
each workbook (about 70 of them)
Help please
Bernard Caneau

Thu, 17 Feb 2005 15:39:02 GMT  
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