How to query the frameset 
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 How to query the frameset

Ok, here is my problem:

I have a frameset 'loggedIn' with two frames 'banner' and 'main'. Both
contain links that target into themselves. If the user's session has
expired then I wish to send them back to another frameset, 'loggedOut'.

The pages in 'banner' and 'main' will know if the session is expired,
but if the 'main' page is expired, 'banner' will NOT know. Thus, if the
user clicks in 'banner' when his has session expired I need a way
for 'banner' to ask "what frameset am I in?" and refresh the frameset
if the answer is 'loggedIn'.

I tried querying "parent.location.href" but got the error "Permission
Denied" and had the same error when I inserted an <object id="myobject"
value="loggedin"> into the frameset <head> and then
queried "parent.myobject.value".

Is there anyway to allow the frames to query the frameset or is there
another way of doing this?



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