, new_name) can break cookies in IE 5.5 
Author Message, new_name) can break cookies in IE 5.5

Let's say the current window's name is "old_window".  If you call:"C:\WIN\index.html", "old_window");

then the current window is reused and the URL is as typed:


If, on the other hand, you open a window with a new name:"C:\WIN\index.html", "new_window");

then a second window appears, with a "refreshed" URL:


This lowercasing of "win" causes cookies saved under C:\WIN\ to
fail.  Through a bunch of testing I've found that document/cookie
associations are case-sensitive, even though Windows isn't.

My quick fix is to use an entry page which opens my main window
[which writes cookies] with a new name, and then closes the entry
page via parent.close().  The main window now has a refreshed URL
(with the lowercase win), which provides consistency with any
windows that it pops up itself, some of which read cookies.

Of course, if someone loads the main page directly using a capitalized
"WIN" in the URL, the cookies will break.  I'll just have to make sure
no one can access the main page without first going through the entry

Do you know of any other workarounds for this problem, preferably
something more robust?


Travis Emmitt
Boxer Learning

Sat, 11 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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