Bypass Open/Download Dialog Box 
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 Bypass Open/Download Dialog Box

I'm new to FP98 and even newer to JScripting.

I am desgining a corporate intranet and I am putting icons to load
programs on the pages.

When I click on the icon, it downloads the file - which is obviously
not what I want.

After posting a few articles in the FP98 newsgroup they told me I need
to find somebody to write a JSscript to bypass the open/download
dialog box and just open it up directly.  I know exactly where the
applications are as most of them are on the file server anyway.

Any help would be appreciated in respect of putting a script behind an
icon as well, so that when they click on this icon it runs the


Darren J. Line

Mon, 16 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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