IFRAME content hangs around on refresh but script in IFRAME is not available 
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 IFRAME content hangs around on refresh but script in IFRAME is not available

I have a complicated inner page navigation arrangement using an IFRAME
(id=jsframe) that is loaded via "jsframe.document.write(htmlPageString)"
The problem is when I hit the browser (IE6) refresh button and check to see
if anything is in the jsframe I get the previous contents, and yet if I
cannot execute any script that I have loaded in jsframe.  I could use the
unload event to clear out jsframe, but I was hoping someone could tell me a
way to safely determine (without error trapping) if the script is available.
(I can't use error trapping because my code must also run in IE4)


Sun, 10 Jul 2005 01:02:31 GMT  
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