Are client-side cookies the same as server-side cookies? 
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 Are client-side cookies the same as server-side cookies?

Hello people

I have a site where there are radio buttons and dropdowns along the bottom
which decide how data is presented (SQL query). They use cookies so they are
as you left them, when you start a session.

This works on the html controls themselves, but I need to have cookies read
by the server side, to display the data.

 I am trying to learn whether VBScript on the server side can access the
same cookie, or do I use remote scripting to make a server side cookie
corresponding to the client-side one?

Any ideas would be appreciated very much. I was under the impression that
there was one group of cookie strings for each web site, but vbscript allows
you to name them e.g. Response.Cookies("Preferences")("Sortorder") = x



Tue, 17 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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