Pocket PC and Barcode scanners 
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 Pocket PC and Barcode scanners

I am trying to develop an web based application that will
allow the users to scan barcodes in any order and based
on the the scan prefix, place the information in the
appropriate text box. I have managed to do this using
event trapping with javacript within IE 6. However when i
try this on pocket IE or the IE shipped with windows CE,
I haven't had any luck catching the keypresses (scanned
info) or anything like that. I am wondering what someone
would use to accomplish this. Or is there a different
browser version available that will support this?
Also...what is the best way to develop apps that are
going to be deployed on these devices? Should i be using
the regular development tools?

Tue, 09 Aug 2005 00:07:23 GMT  
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