JScript, pIE, PocketPC & SQL Server CE 
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 JScript, pIE, PocketPC & SQL Server CE


I'm doing a prestudy about how to port an ASP-application to Pocket PC and I
would really appreciate som hints by you experinced guys out there.

I have read that you can use JScript in the new Pocket Internet Explorer, so
my thought was that I can reuse the code I have in my ASP application and
port it to JScript on the PocketPC. That is, in your pIE on the Pocket PC
you run the same HTML and JScript code as you did when you connected to the
ASP application form your ordinary IE, but now these JScripts accesses the
SQL Server CE database instead.

My question is if this is a possible solution? Can you access the database
from JScript inside the pIE? Can I use OLEDBCE or ADOCE for this database
access from JScript?

Any hints or suggestions will be helpful.


Fri, 09 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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