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Hello !

Have you waste a lot of time on adjustment of your txt dbase for Internet?
You've got tired, and still don't know what should you undertake further? We
can help you! Now no any of  ISAPI, CGI, ODBC, ASP, or JDBC adjustments! We
the perfect decision on the JavaScript basis. It is the program for search
data and making inquiries to txt database in Internet.

There are some of advantages and features of our decision:

* The program doesn't need in using Web Server and cgi-bin directory.
* Doesn't need in using additional drivers or programs.
* Such dbase can be sent on E-mail.
* Ideally approaches for Virtual Servers.
* Script can work even in Off-Line mode on a local computer.
* Very simply to making data records using Notepad.exe
* You could make a data inquiry for example: Country-City-Age choosing in
Drop-Down Menu.
* You've got an opportunity to change adjustments for search and inquiry.
* Unlimited quantity of data records.
* Shows Hyper Link in results of searching.
* It is possible to find the data even by several letters in a word.
* Free support and consulting. ^

  ^ Only for registered users !

Are you interested?
For more information send a blank email to:

Web Developer

Fax....... 1-775-659-6687

Fri, 23 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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