ANN: BinBucket.js - Binary <-> ASCII handling and file ops. 
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 ANN: BinBucket.js - Binary <-> ASCII handling and file ops.

Hi all,
I just completed BinBucket.js v1.10 and though it might be of interested
to someone outthere. Written in Jscript, BinBucket enables you to load,
save, convert, encode and manipulate binaries (bytearrays) directly from
WSH, MSIE 5+ and supposedly ASP (yet untested) environments.
BinBucket uses only standard Windows components and should run out
of the box on most systems.

The script is relatively small (8.26 kb) and is freely distributed under
the terms of the GNU GPL license.  Full details here:

Following ops can be accomplished with BinBucket :
* Bytearrays -> Binary file (XmlHttp.responseBody / Request.BinaryRead)
* Binary file ->  ASCII String
* String -> Binary file (poor performance, but way cool)
* Binary file -> Base64/Hex encoded string

A set of WSH and MSIE examples are provided within the
distribution to get you started. The script, examples and other
related files are available here:
  http://www.*-*-*.com/ (29kb)



Mon, 28 Jun 2004 13:11:55 GMT  
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