Copy the content of and Iframe to anothe iframe 
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 Copy the content of and Iframe to anothe iframe


    I have a problem about copy the actual content of an iframe.
I have to iframes in the page: iframeA, iframeB. Before I submit the form
from the iframeA. I would like to save the content of the frame to the
iframeB (this is not visible frame so the user won't see it) and if
something wrong happens during the submitting I can easily restore the
values form the iframeB.

So before I submit the form I call this function:

function CopyPageToHidden()
 var oNewDoc ="text/html", "replace", true);


This copies the content fine. But i I would like to restore it I try to call
this function:

function RestorePageFromHidden()
 var oNewDoc ="text/html", "replace",  true);


The oNewDoc object always NULL, but if I debug the page the
top.frameMain.document object exists! How could this happen? Why the JS cant
open this document?

Thanks: Peter

Tue, 05 Apr 2005 21:48:44 GMT  
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