parent's parent in an IFRAME 
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 parent's parent in an IFRAME

I know it sounds insane but here's my delimma, I have an
IFRAME on my page that contains some XML I want to
access.  Normally this is not much of a problem using a
listener function on the page that is in the IFRAME.

My problem however is that I am using a product called
E.piphany to product the XML data which results in this

ProphetComplete.asp being the parent of the IFRAME

IFrameData containing the page OtsGateway.asp?BrowerId=2...
being the parent of ProphetCompleteXML

where ProphetCompleteXML is the pare I want to communicate

One rule is that I can't add anything to OtsGateway.asp to
help make the connection between it's parent and it's
child frame...

Stumped AKA Bo

Tue, 09 Dec 2003 03:19:42 GMT  
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