Playing .wav file using EMBED tag object 
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 Playing .wav file using EMBED tag object


I am trying to play .wav file in a HTML.  The object is
created on the page using <EMBED> tag.  Since, my page has
it's own UI, the media control is hidden so, we control
playing and stopping of the .wav file in html using
javascript.  I noticed that while playing the .wav file,
the local wave volume setting on the PC is changed.  I
believe this is something to do with settings stored
inside  the .wav file.  

During Page unload, we stop playing the wav file using
object.Stop() command and this does not restore the volume
to it's original setting (i.e.) before playing the wav
file.  But surprisingly, if I enable (make it visible) the
EMBED control and use the stop button then, the wav volume
setting is restored.  It seems like if we call Stop()
method from Javscript the wav volume setting does not get
restored but, we do it using the media control "STOP"
button then, everything works OK.

Am I doing something wrong ? or Is there any other command
which can do the same job as the "STOP" on the media

Thanks in advance.


Sun, 17 Oct 2004 01:54:54 GMT  
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