Access denied (JavaScript error) while download a file. 
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 Access denied (JavaScript error) while download a file.

I wrote a servlet that would let a user download a file
(PDF, XML, text, ..).
The problems comes in when suddenly after the user
downloads and saves the file, none oh the JavaScript that
is called on events (onclick, onchange) that access any of
the documents objects on the screen (elements) work in IE.
I receive a JavaScript error in IE which says "Access is
denied". If the user does not save the file and clicks
cancel everything works fine.
My ultimate goal is to save the file defaulting the "save
as" dialog box with a name I provide so the user doesn't
really have to do anything. And then I still want all the
JavaScript to work since I nperform client side
This has been a big problem to me.
I hope someone can help.

Sun, 09 Oct 2005 23:32:50 GMT  
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