Changing mouse cursor icon 
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 Changing mouse cursor icon


How do I change the cursor icon in a script ?



Fri, 26 Mar 2004 13:02:58 GMT  
 Changing mouse cursor icon

It depends where/when you want the cursor to change.
See the attachment how to do this in javascript..

Using a style sheet you create styles for the different cursors eg:

<STYLE TYPE=text/css>
  TD        { cursor: hand;    }
  SPAN   { cursor: hairline; }


> Hi,

> How do I change the cursor icon in a script ?

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> Kaison

[ cursors_dynamic.htm 3K ]

Select a cursor:
Here are all the cursors available using styles - IExplorer Only
Move the mouse down the left column to see the cursor change.
auto Lets the element set its own value for the cursor, for example, an I-beam cursor over a text field.
crosshair Sets the element to a simple crosshair.
default Typically, the arrow cursor.
hand A hand pointer usually used to indicate a link or other interactive region.
move A crossed set of double-headed arrows used to indicate that the element can be moved.
n-resize Arrow pointing north (up) used for resizing.
s-resize Arrow pointing south (down) used for resizing.
n-resize Arrow pointing east (right) used for resizing.
w-resize Arrow pointing west (left) used for resizing.
text The I beam used for indicating text selections.
hourglass Sets the hourglass cursor that indicates an operation is in progress.
help Typically a question mark cursor that indicates that the element may provide some help information.

Fri, 26 Mar 2004 15:58:09 GMT  
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