Passing variables to a com object method written in VB 
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 Passing variables to a com object method written in VB

I think I have a datatype problem.
I am new to Jscript so bear with me.

I have a Jscript function on a Remote Scripting Asp page. I need it to
return a string that is generated by a com object's method.
The method returns a boolean to indicate success / failure. The problem is
that I don't know what to pass in to the com object in order that I may get
back a string ?

function Deferrals()
  var Cn, vOut;
    // Instance the com object
  Cn = Server.CreateObject("WebFaxGen.clsDatabase");
    // Set a property of the Com object
  Cn.ConnectString = Application("ConnectString");
    // Call the method
  Cn.Get_Product_Deferral_Periods(2, 1, vOut);
    // Output the string that should be returned from the com object
  return vOut;

Com objects method (Written in plain old VB)

Function Get_Product_Deferral_Periods( RetailerId, ProductType, vString) as
    vString = "Test String"
    Get_Product_Deferral_Periods = True
End Function

Any Ideas will be greatly appreciated. :)

Mon, 24 Nov 2003 21:32:11 GMT  
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