Passing Reference Params to ActiveX Method 
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 Passing Reference Params to ActiveX Method

I've written an ActiveX object in VB, that returns values in reference
parameters passed into one of its methods.  When I script it in VBScript,
the variables passed into the method are assigned the expected values.  When
I do the same in JScript, the variables remain unassigned.  Is there some
way to make this work?

' VB ActiveX Object Method:
Function GetResults( a as variant, b as variant) as boolean
    a = "Value 1"
    b = "Value 2"
    GetResults = true
end Function
// Java Script:
var a, b;
if ( MyActiveXObject.GetResults( a, b )  ) {
    alert( "Results = " + a + ", " + b);


// alert prints "Results = ,"

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