minimize, maximize script just like on 
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 minimize, maximize script just like on

You can set the visibility of a <DIV></DIV> tag from script.



<script language="VBScript">

Function ShowWaiting(pblnValue)

 If pblnValue = 1 Then
  document.all("div_waiting").style.visibility = "visible"
  document.all("div_waiting").style.visibility = "hidden"
 End If

End Function



Show the DIV

<script Language="VBScript">ShowWaiting(1)</script>

Do Something Here.

Now hide the DIV.

<script Language="VBScript">ShowWaiting(0)</script>


<div id="div_waiting" name="div_waiting" style="VISIBILITY: hidden">
<p><h1> Retrieving information, please wait ...</h1></p>


Of course, most people want to use JavaScript so hack it at your leisure
(I've now converted to JavaScript but I ripped this from an old demo page).

Chrs Barber

Hello everybody,

Does somebody have a script what can do the same as seen om
I mean the section where you can minimize and maximize and move some content
attached screendump). Please send an example to my email adres or respond to

Thanks in advance,

Fri, 26 Sep 2003 05:35:16 GMT  
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