Funny passing a text string from a database field to a Javascript global array 
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 Funny passing a text string from a database field to a Javascript global array

  Hello all, I've had a rather perplexing problem with some javascript/ASP:
I have created a frameset where I have initialised a number of global


<script language="javascript">

var showprice = new Array();
var recordnumber = new Array();
var itemname = new Array();
var itemcode = new Array();

var totalrecordcount;


<frameset border="0" frameborder="0" rows="0%,100%">
  <frame src="ASPblank.html">
  <frame src="ASPfromweb3.asp">

Now, in the file ASPfromweb3.asp I pass values to the above variables
through a dociment.write command, part of which is:

+ '<form action="ASPviewbasket.asp" target=_self method=POST onsubmit='
+ 'top.showprice[<%=intNumRecs%>]'
+ '='
+ items[<%=intNumRecs%>].prprice
+ ','
+ 'top.recordnumber[<%=intNumRecs%>]'
+ '='
+ <%=intNumRecs%>
+ ','
+ 'top.itemname[<%=intNumRecs%>]'
+ '='
+ items[<%=intNumRecs%>].prname
+ '>'


Now, looking at the above code, the
top.showprice[<%=intNumRecs%>]=items[<%=intNumRecs%>].price has no problem
returning the number value from the database record. However when I try to
pass a text string through:
top.itemname[<%=intNumRecs%>]=items[<%=intNumRecs%>].prname I get a
"software" not defined error the moment you click on the submit button. This
happens whenever it encounters a text string. I was under the impression
that you did not have to declare variable types (as in C) - am I doing
something obviously wrong (I'm sure it's staring at me in the face).

Please help if you can. Kind regards George Pantela.

Tue, 10 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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