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 Dialog window size

No, as I recall, 100x100 is an enforced minimum.

The showModelessDialog docs state in the remarks that the minimum initial height is 100px.  There is no explicit mention of minimum width and showModalDialog docs don't say much at all about height/width minimums.  I would assume that the minimums for window.open (which states explicitly that the minimum for each is 100px) also apply to dialog windows...

Michael Harris
Seattle WA US


> Is it possible to open a DialogWindow and set the size to
> 1px by 1px?

> ex.
> window.showModalDialog
> ("window.htm",howlong, "dialogHeight: 1px; dialogWidth:
> 1px; status: no; help: no");

Wed, 08 Sep 2004 10:13:42 GMT  
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