problem with cookie!! 
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 problem with cookie!!

i have a login page that contains a form with two text boxes
(text1=username, password1).  i have written a cookie that is suppose to
display the value of text1 in another page, but the result is not what
has been input into text1, can anybody help?

i have included the relevent code for both pages

thank you in advance

expireDate = new Date

userName = ""
if (document.cookie != "")
userName = document.cookie.split("=")[1]


function setCookie()
userName = document.Form1.text1.value
document.cookie = "userName="+userName+";expires=" +


this is the code that is suppose to display the result on the next page

<script language="JavaScript">
if (document.cookie != "")
document.write("Hello, "+ document.cookie.split("=")[1])



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