c++ class-method & Tcl_CreateCommand 
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 c++ class-method & Tcl_CreateCommand

  Peter Schartner <pschartn>,
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PS> Is there a way to use a class-method as the function-parameter of
PS> Tcl_CreateCommand ? At the time I use a workaround. I create the command with a
PS> normal c-function and this c-function calls the method of the object.

It is never possible to use a normal class method as a passed function (to be
called back later).  You *can* use a *static" class method, but you still have
to pass the instance pointer as the client data and call a normal class method
from the static method.  This is true not only for Tcl_CreateCommand(), but
for Motif, Xaw, or Xt callback routines too.  The simplest hack is to put the
Tcl_CreateCommand() calls in a Xxx_Init() function, use some static c functions
to call the proper member methods.  I do this in both the Tcl/Tk interfaces for
my Home Librarian and Role Playing Database packages.  The source is available
for both on ftp://sunsite.unc.edu/pub/Linux and mirrors.  Visit my virtual
storefront for details (second url in my .sig).


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