why why why oh why why baby 
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 why why why oh why why baby


>>Drag race!  Drag racing!

>>Was est das?  WAS est DAS?  Was est FICHEN DAS???????

>>_Loud Enough_

> Obviously an attempt to quote His Pipeness' latest hit single
> "Bob Built My Hotrod".

> Well Bob not only built my hotrod,  but he filled it with your
> slack!!!!
> He just leached that stuff right out of your pink little shell
> and Hallelujah!!!!, my car is now tanked with the stuff that
> Dobbsheads are made of!!!.

> So "Listen up!, get this: Nobody with a good car needs to worry
> about nothin'!. NOBODY with a Dobbs-filled car needs to be

> Test drives require that you kill me first!!!

> ---Steve
> --

> "Welcome to the Politically Correct States of America. Please turn your mind
> in to the nearest oppressed minority pressure group. It will be returned to
> you once we've decided what you can think"


Sat, 18 Jun 1994 00:17:00 GMT  
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