New version of TDebug uploaded to harbor 
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 New version of TDebug uploaded to harbor
Hello folks,
here is the long overdue new release of TDebug.

Take it from
files tdebug-0.9.tar.gz and tdebug-0.9.README, now in the
/incoming directory but probably soon in pub/tcl/code.

A lot of bugs have been fixed and new features added, probably
introducing new bugs. Nevertheless I am quite satisfied with TDebug
now, so I have boosted the version number from 0.3 to 0.9. This is the
last beta release.  As soon as I get some feedback about the new
features (and bugs) I hope to move on to version 1.0. Please try
out 0.9 though, I need your feedback.

Version 1.0 won't be the end though, since I have a lot of ideas for
the future.

Attached is part of the README, see the News section for details on
what has changed.


--------------------README for TDebug--------------------------


TDebug uses a different approach than any other de{*filter*} I've seen for
tcl/tk.  If you know the emacs-lisp de{*filter*} `edebug' the following
may seem familiar.

TDebug is totally based on tcl/tk, there is no C-code (yet), which
makes it very easy to install. It works by parsing and redefining
tcl/tk-procs, inserting calls to `td_eval' at certain points, which
takes care of the display, stepping, breakpoints, variables etc.

The advantages are, that TDebug knows which statement in what proc is
currently being executed and can give visual feedback by highlighting
it. All currently accessible variables and their values are displayed
as well. Code can be evaluated in the context of the current proc.
Breakpoints can be set and deleted with the mouse.

On the other hand there is a heavy penalty on speed and flexibility.
This has been alleviated somewhat with the introduction of partial
preparation of procs. There is still no possibility to get at code
running in global context, but I'm not sure if that would be useful

I have also tried Don Libes' de{*filter*} provided with expect (and
standalone) and Karl Lehenbauer's experimental de{*filter*} that comes
with extended tcl (tclX). Both of them are more powerful than TDebug
though Karl's is far from using its full potential. On the other hand,
neither is as easy to install as TDebug, and neither comes with a
graphical interface. I'm working on an extension to Don's de{*filter*}
though.  Drop me a line if you want some alpha test version.

If you have to debug large applications or huge procs or need to have
control over code not inside of a proc, you are probably best off
using Don's de{*filter*} (which is the one I use to debug TDebug :-), but
for a quick look inside a proc, TDebug may become your de{*filter*} of


New since version 0.3

* display any proc without preparing it first

* partial preparing and restoring

* detach from applications on exit

* faster parsing (thanks to Alessandro Rubini)

* parsing bugs fixed, should now parse any proc

* cline extensions included for `Eval:' line

* can eval at global level

* optionally hide global variables and arrays

* optionally hide tk_* procs and others

* chooser now recognizes if procs are redefined

* a LOT more configuration options:

        * Geometry for all toplevels

        * Style of tags in listing

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