Help - I am a novice tcl/tk user... 
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 Help - I am a novice tcl/tk user...

I am trying to run a software which uses tcl and tk to do visualization.
ANd the program failed due to a statement in one of the .tcl file. The line
that causes the problem is:

    tk_listboxSingleSelect $w.frame.list
    bind $w.frame.list <Return> "DoSelectFileOkay $w"
    bind $w.frame.list <Double-1> "DoSelectFileOkay $w"
    bind $w.frame.list <Button2-Motion> " "

It complains the this function is not a command.
I try to look for this function - tk_listboxSingleSelect in a TCL book
without success. IS this an extension function? Did I set some enviornment
variables wrong? My system is running TCL7.4 and TK4.0. COuld some
experts with kind heart point me to a direction? Thanks.


Sat, 01 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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