Creating named font from c 
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 Creating named font from c

I use the Tk_MeasureChars() function from my c code, so I need
access to a Tk_Font token, which I get from Tk_GetFont.

When creating the font, using Tk_GetFont(), I would like to
return a font name to the calling Tcl code, for use in -font
attributes when creating new widgets (from Tcl), but I have
been unable to find how to do this in the doc - Tk_GetFont()
wants *either* a font name (which I assume must be already
known as a font name) *or* a definition - not both (I have
tried, and it returns the rather strange error message
'expected integer but got "-family"' - I surely provided
a '-family' attribute, but why does it expext an *integer*??)

It must be possible - the "font create" command does it!

I do have workarounds; the tcl code now obtains the font
*definition* from the c data structures. This is ugly and
inelegant. An alternative would be to do font defs from tcl
and hand the result over to the c code. The reason why I do
not want to do this is that the user, who does not know tcl,
should be able to customize the fonts by writing simple
statements into an *rc file - these statements are calls
to my c function. Requiring that the user first makes a
font create call and then transfers the result to my
proc is asking too much, and it opens up for a whole new
world of errors (obviously, my function does sanity checks
on the parameters, with user-oriented error reporting).

So: Is there a syntax for both naming and specifying the
font in the Tk_GetFont() call? Or can I name the font
after creation (so that the name is recognized at Tcl
level as a font name)? Or is there another function, which
I haven't been able to find in the doc, to let me create
a name/definition pair before I call Tk_GetFont?


Tue, 01 Aug 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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