container frame w/toplevel problems (win98) 
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 container frame w/toplevel problems (win98)

I want to embed a toplevel with a menubar within a frame (actually,
a frame of a tabbed notebook widget).  Here is some code to test this
concept.  It works as expected on Unix (8.4.4), but fails on Win98
(ActiveState's 8.4.6).

The code:

         proc aMenubar {w n} {
           menu $w -type menubar

           $w add cascade -label "File" -menu [menu $w.file -tearoff false]
           $w.file add command -label "Open" -command [list puts "Open $n"]
           $w.file add command -label "Exit" -command {exit}

           $w add cascade -label "Execute" -menu [menu $w.execute -tearoff false]
           $w.execute add command -label "Run" -command [list puts "Run $n"]
           $w.execute add command -label "Reset" -command [list puts "Reset $n"]

           return $w

         # Containers
         frame .f1 -container true
         frame .f2 -container true
         pack .f1 .f2 -side left

         # ONE: embedded, use pack on the menubar
         toplevel .t1 -use [winfo id .f1]
         .t1 configure -menu [aMenubar .t1.m one]
         label .t1.l -text ONE -width 50
         pack .t1.m .t1.l -side top

         # TWO: embedded, don't do anything with the menubar
         toplevel .t2 -use [winfo id .f2]
         .t2 configure -menu [aMenubar .t2.m two]
         label .t2.l -text TWO -width 50
         pack .t2.l -side top

         # THREE: non-embedded toplevel
         toplevel .t3
         .t3 configure -menu [aMenubar .t3.m three]
         label .t3.l -text THREE -width 50
         pack .t3.l -side top

The problem on Win98 is that the menubar for the toplevel is
not shown on the embedded toplevel's.  If I create a non-embedded
toplevel, the menubar works as expected.

I tried using "pack" on the menu (example ONE).  That results in
the menu being displayed -- but not as a menubar.  When I do not
pack the menu (example TWO), then the menubar does not show up.
The same toplevel (but not embedded, example THREE) works as

Is this a windows limitation or a bug?  Or is there something I'm
not doing correctly?  Any help would be appreciated.


In addition, on Win98 I must be exposing a bug in wish.  When I select the
"exit" menu item I get a popup:

       | Fatal Error in Wish                    |
       | TkpGetOtherWindow couldn't find window |

which is followed by another popup:

       | The program has performed an illegal operation |
       | and will be shut down.                         |
       | If the problem persists, contact the program   |
       | vendor                                         |
       |                                    Details>>   |

         WISH caused an exception 03H in module KERNEL32.DLL at 0187:bff768a1.
         EAX=00000001 CS=0187 EIP=bff768a1 EFLGS=00000286
         EBX=0073fa04 SS=018f ESP=0073eacc EBP=0073eed8
         ECX=80005188 DS=018f ESI=00008a28 FS=796f
         EDX=8000a8f0 ES=018f EDI=0073f9b8 GS=0000
         Bytes at CS:EIP:
         c3 cc cc 55 8b ec 56 57 68 c0 94 fc bf e8 01 d9
         Stack dump:
         004011d4 0073eee4 004d189c 47706b54 744f7465 57726568
         6f646e69 6f632077 6e646c75 66207427 20646e69 646e6977
         bf00776f 00000187 bff741e9 00019b04

Wed, 22 Nov 2006 14:45:23 GMT  
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