XF: Anyone else having problems with tearoff menus ?? 
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 XF: Anyone else having problems with tearoff menus ??

Our system administrator recently downloaded and applied a patch that
supposedly makes XF 2.3.3 Tk 4.x compatible.

The patched version of XF supports tearoff menus ... (there is a tearoff
checkbutton on the MENU parameters page).  I've used the option to create
applications with tearoff menus in them; the menus seem to function properly,
and XF allows me to save an application containing tearoff menus without

But when I try to LOAD an application that contains a tearoff menu, XF
publishes the following error message:

  "bad menu type "tearoff": must be
  cascade, checkbutton, command,
  radiobutton, or separator"

To make sure I wasn't outsmarting myself, I tried the simplest test case
I could think of ...
 - brought up a new (empty) window
 - added a menubutton
 - went directly to the parameters page for this menubutton's menu
 - set the tearoff option, and added a single menu command (a checkbutton)
 - saved the file (main.tcl)
 - reloaded the file.

Got the "bad menu entry" error message upon attempting to re-load the file.

Anyone else having this problem ?

Ken Lancaster
Boulder, CO  (USA)

Fri, 18 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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