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 Name for Sun's GUI builder

Several months ago I posted a message requesting help in finding
a name for the Tcl/Tk GUI builder we're developing at Sun.  I
offered $1000 compensation to the person who came up with the
name we chose.  We received several hundred names ranging from
great to, well, interesting.  Once we picked our favorite name
it took a while to get it through trademark clearance, but we've
finally finished that process.

I'm delighted to announce that the name for the GUI builder is:


Think of it as "spectacular", or "your eyes on Tcl/Tk scripts", or
a means for SPECifying Tcl/Tk scripts.  We're now going to work on a
logo and, most important, a T-shirt.

This name was suggested by five different people: Paul Eggert,
Andrew Walker, Matt Hurd, Hagen Finley, and Sam Williams.  In
making the request for help, it didn't occur to us that several
people would suggest the same name, so we've had to improvise
a mechanism to deal with this situation.  We've decided to increase
the total compensation pool from $1000 to $1800.  Paul will get
$600 for being the first person to suggest the name, and each of
the others will get $300.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a name;  we were delighted to get
so many suggestions.

One last thing.  Sam Williams, if you're out there someplace, could

I've sent to you has bounced and I need to make contact with you so
that I can get you your compensation.

Tue, 30 Dec 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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