Tk8.0 File Selector Suggestion 
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 Tk8.0 File Selector Suggestion

The Tk8.0 file selector has a fairly significant limitation.
There is no way for the user to filter only the files *(s)he* wants.
(You can only filter based on what the programmer decides you want!)

For example, I might design a nice interface that sources a Tcl script,
so I might do something like:

    set types {
        {"Tcl Scripts"       {.tcl}      TEXT}
        {"All files"        *}
    set f [tk_getOpenFile -filetypes $types -title "Select Tcl Script"]
    if {$f != ""} {
        source $f

However, if my user is looking for a file called barb1.txt, she cannot
filter on "barb*" or "*.txt". She only gets to use the filters that I
have predefined for her. To me, this is a serious usability "bug".


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Mon, 20 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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