problem with expect 5.30 and log_file not closing file 
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 problem with expect 5.30 and log_file not closing file

We are having a problem with an expect routine that used to work under 5.21
but appears to be broken in 5.30.  The man page for expect states that
log_file with no parameters is meant to close the file.  We do that while a
user is typing in their password then do a 'log_file -a $run_log'.  Using
the 5.30 version of expect with tcl 8.0 now always fails with the following

cannot start logging without first stopping logging
    while executing
"log_file -a $run_log"
    (procedure "console_add_password" line 82)
    invoked from within
"console_add_password $fetch_message $password_src"

Are there others having problems with 'log_file' with no parameters not
working in 5.30?


Sun, 26 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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