BUG: Errors and menu commands 
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 BUG: Errors and menu commands

Here's a funny in the final release Tcl/Tk 8.0 running under windows95.
Normally if an error occurs in a Tk event handler it produces a dialog
box and possibly a stack trace. e.g., if you go

% button .b -command {expr 1/0}
% pack .b

and click the button, you get a dialogue box with "error: divide by

However if the error happens when handling a menu selection, this
doesn't happen. If you do

% menubutton .mb -menu .mb.menu -text "crash menu"
% set m [menu .mb.menu]
% $m add command -label "crash 1" -command {expr 1/0}
% pack .mb

then choose the menu item, no error indication is produced.

Oddly enough if you catch the error then throw it again, you can get the
error box, for instance continue the above with

% $m add command -label "crash 2" -command {if [catch {expr 1/0} err]
{bgerror $err}}

now select the second item from the menu, and it will produce the error
box although the actual menu event will not appear in the stack trace.

Is this something to do with another change in 8.0, i.e., that the
pulldown menu is now tidied away immediately rather than staying out
until the command has been completed?


Mon, 20 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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