multiple listboxes with single select... and defeerred action 
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 multiple listboxes with single select... and defeerred action

Hello to ALL,..

I try to handle a job with tcl, and it seems to me, that this is a PROBLEM
I cannot solve without coding in C, am I right or wrong?

I want multiple listboxes appearing one besides the other only select one
item, not more items,... in the manual page for listbox, there is a sentence...

      The behavior of listboxes can be changed by defining new bindings  for  |
      individual  widgets or by redefining the class bindings.  In addition,  |
      the procedure tk_listboxSingleSelect may be invoked to change  listbox  |
      behavior so that only a single element may be selected at once.         |

so I started grep on the sourcefiles... for tk_listboxSingleSelect

hmmm, grep cannot find it? I asked then info procs and commands and so on...

No solution either

And time is getting shorter :) Now I try to get more infos about...

Could anyone help me?


Mon, 03 Mar 1997 17:04:21 GMT  
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