BUG! array-like namespaces 
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 BUG! array-like namespaces

I'm using namespaces in Tcl8.0 for various perverse purposes for which I
used to use the loophole in Upvar that allowed arrays to be made of
elements of other arrays. While doing so I noticed that although you can
have 'array-like' namespace identifiers, funny things sometimes happen
if you put arrays in them, such as the following (this is the complete
release of 8.0)

% namespace eval fee(fi) { variable fo; set fo(foo) fum }
% namespace eval fee(fi) { set fo(foo) }
% array get fee(fi)::fo
foo fum
% set fee(fi)::fo(foo)
can't read "fee(fi)::fo(foo)": no such variable


Thu, 16 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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