tk: substitute default font if font request fails? 
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 tk: substitute default font if font request fails?

I use an X terminal with a limited selection of fonts.  In particular,
many of the fonts requested by the standard tk files aren't available.

Is there any way, short of editing every tk file to change the fonts,
of getting tk to substitute a default font when its desired ones
aren't there?

I'm quite happy to give it a list of fonts that I have, but I'd rather
only give it once.  (And, when I use a different terminal, I'd like it
to use the full range again, of course.)

In short, I'd like it to behave more like other X apps: a failed font
request shouldn't be a fatal error, in most cases.
Bruce                    Institute of Advanced Scientific Computing

Sat, 23 Mar 1996 20:04:33 GMT  
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