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 Tcl'2003 Update

   Come One, Come All.  See the Tclers!!

The 10'th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference will be held in Ann Arbor,
Michigan, July 29-August 2.

The keynote speaker will be Larry McVoy of BitMover, Inc. BitMover
ships commercial products based on Tcl/Tk, and Larry has some opinions
to share about why this is good, and what could be better.

The conference will include the usual tutorials, papers, BOF's, banquets,
contests, and sitting in corners debating the latest TIPs and tricks.  The
4'th edition of "Practical Programming in Tcl/Tk" and "Tcl/Tk: A
Developer's Guide, 2'd edition" will both be out and available at the

The main page is at: http://www.*-*-*.com/

Conference registration is now open at:


We have more tutorial sessions available than there is time to
present, so we'll only be offering the most popular ones.  Visit
you'd like to see offerred.

The Call-For-Papers is still Open - Submit by May 15 if you have
work you'd like to present.

We'll have a display/handout area for commercial Tcl oriented
products.  This includes both development tools and packages that
use Tcl/Tk for scripting (like many EDA and Broadband analysis
packages.) If your company would like to send handouts, or a small


There is also space in the schedule for evening social/promotional
parties.  If you or your company would like to sponsor such an event,

Any other questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, also send mail


..Tcl/Tk: A Developer's Guide (2'nd edition) - Morgan Kauffman ..
..... 10'th Annual Tcl/Tk Conference, July 29, Ann Arbor MI .....
.............   http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;............

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