compiling Tix4.1.0 w/TclTk 8.0 using VisualC++ 5(SP2)? 
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 compiling Tix4.1.0 w/TclTk 8.0 using VisualC++ 5(SP2)?

Hi folks.  I'm porting some code over from the SGI, and the one missing
link is Tix.  Since I'm using VisualC++, I can't use the precompiled Tix
lib for Windows (which were compiled with Borland), but I'm enough of a
Windows klutz that I can't make the Visual C++ 4.x makefile included in
the distribution work for VisualC++ 5 (with ServicePack 2 installed).
Has anyone done this? Are you willing to share?

I checked the archives of the Tix list, but everyone seems to be using
VisualC++ 4.2, not 5.

I'll be happy summarize anything useful I find if people want e-mail me


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Mon, 20 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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